Bang All Night Long With Essex Swingers!

I want to give a big shout out to all my Essex boys, you guys know who you are! Growing up in this area has certainly been a tough ride, there’s always something going on and if you know the right people you can get just about anything. As I’m getting a little older now I’m starting to try a few new things, my wife even got me to try yoga the other day. That was the first and last time you’ll see me doing that!

Something I will be trying more is swinging, I honestly didn’t think me of all people would enjoy it, but for once I’m happy to be wrong. My wife even enjoyed herself the cheeky old slut fucked five different men last night. Not that I can talk, I haven’t had this much pussy since I was a wee young lad. Essex has a great local swinger community and they’re always having hot sex parties and local events.

Maybe you’re getting a little bored with marriage and want to try something to get that spice back. If swinger sex in Essex doesn’t do just that you might as well kick that bitch to the curb as nothing is going to change I’m afraid. Still, like I said it’s worth a try and if you’ve got nothing to loose you might just have the time of your life with these Essex swingers!

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