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Why You Need A 24 Hour London Escort Service

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Today I will inform you on why you need a 24 hour London escort service. Some of the reasons might seem like common sense and some will possibly seem a bit outlandish to you. Know that we all have a different version of reality and that outside influences can change our perceptions. After reading my list of reasons you can decide for yourself which items you agree with and which ones don’t apply to you. With no further ado, let’s start.

  • Not everybody works the same shifts in London. So it is important for girls to be available no matter what time you leave work. This also goes for those who are night owls or those who cannot leave the bar until they clean the bar.
  • Your time might be limited in the evening for whatever reason. Perhaps you are a family man who needs to get serviced before seven? You can take advantage of happy hour rates while most other services haven’t even opened up yet!
  • Escorts have just the right kinds of treatments for men suffering from jetlag. Even if your plane comes in at eight in the morning. A time when traditional agencies won’t have a girl available for you.

If any of this applies to you, you are in luck. Book now to have one of the 24 hour escorts in London at your door in under an hour, or meet her at her incall location. Mermaids of London is the premiere escort service that has built its business by being there for you – no matter what time of day, or night, it is!


Toronto’s Newest and Sexiest Escort Babes

Midnight Escort, the best Toronto escort agency in town, is pleased to announce three new promising recruits! We’d like to welcome Stacey, Tessa and Kati to the team.

Stacey’s Profile

Stacey is a young, blonde and petite companion available for your pleasure. She loves dressing up, looking pretty and being attached to the arm of a confident mam that knows how to treat women well. Her best features include a head of delicious golden hair, a tiny waist and the ability to please her clients in a number of ways.

Tessa’s Profile

We think that there are two very good reasons to spend time with Tessa, and hopefully they’re immediately obvious to you when taking a look at this stunner! Her 34D chest is an incredible sight to behold and will leave many men speechless from the get go.

Kati’s Profile

Kati is one of those girls that really turns heads – both men and women regularly spot this lady and her impressive body! Guys want nothing more than to spend time with her, whereas girls look on with jealously at her incredible form.

If you want more information on Midnight and its Toronto escorts, click here to visit their website.


Stay In With Your New Vienna Escort Girlfriend Naomi


In previous posts I have detailed all of the ways that you could take your escort out for a night on the town. Today I am going to go into detail on how you could stay in and have a more intimate experience. I am sure that by now you have heard of the GFE or girlfriend experience most escorts have available. For a little extra, and sometimes free of charge, they will go the extra mile to make you feel as if she is more than a paid companion. She will make you feel as though you are her boyfriend in every way. Some will even go as far as to make successive bookings feel like an ongoing, long distance relationship.

While there is a lot of fun to be had by going out at night you can also have a lot of fun staying in the hotel room. Maybe you can slip down to the hotel bar for a nightcap before bed, but for the most part, staying in has a lot to offer.

Order out from a takeout joint in Vienna or do room service through the hotel. Act as though you only have one night together before she must see you off on another business trip (back home!) for another couple of weeks or months. Take turns massaging each other down and maybe even jump in the shower together. Notice this type of Vienna hotel escort visit is all about being together for everything.

While you are back at home you will feel excited every time you think to yourself about the Vienna girlfriend waiting for you to come back to her. Suddenly business will be fun again!

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Find Lovely European Escorts In The Heart Of Bangkok

European escorts in Bangkok

Just because you are half a world away it doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy the comfort of a European babe. The are a full service agency based in Bangkok, Thailand that caters to all tastes in women. As you might expect they have a full lineup of Asian women ready to make your night wonderful. But they don’t stop there. Bangkok is home to many ex-patriot and dual citizenship models from Europe, Russian, America and other countries. So finding high class, top model Bangkok European escorts a breeze when you use the Bangkok Escort Girls website.

Already in the area? You can access the site from your mobile phone, tablet or laptop. Once there look up the many girls they have available. Even if you are not in Thailand yet you should still make every effort to find the Bangkok escort of your dreams before you land. In doing so you can schedule the girl you are most interested in, instead of settling for what is available at the last minute.

Once you’ve been with one of their Bangkok escorts you will never want an average girl again!

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Find The Basildon Escort Agencies With The Hottest Girls

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After World War II cities like London suffered from severe overcrowding. To help remedy the situation the English government created the city of Basildon inside the county of Essex. As a mid-sized city the best escorts work for the larger agencies. The city isn’t large enough to support high class independent escorts yet. has the inside scoop on booking an escort in Basildon or its surrounding cities.

Between Basildon and neighboring Pitsea you won’t have trouble finding things to do with your escort. Most girls are well schooled in popular areas you can go to have fun, but are open to suggestions. Just as they are in the bedroom.

Spend some time in the company of a sexy Essex escort without a care in the world. Find your next good time at!

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Double Your Pleasure – Duo Escorts Eva and Scarlet

Duo escort with Eva and Scarlet

Hot Vienna escort babes Eva and Scarlet are ready for guys who believe that two of something good is better than going it with one. Get a wicked night of passion with duo Wien escorts from

Wien is the locals way of saying Vienna. The locals in Vienna speak many different languages including the languages of love and lust. Have them translate your naughty thoughts into action. Watch them dance, grind, lick and tongue each other before working their magic on you. Forget anything you thought you knew about how nasty girls could be and let these two rewrite your idea of fun!

Get the most up to date contact information on and find more girls hot pics!

Brunette London

It Isn’t Exactly Cheating When Your London Escort Is This Lovely

Lovely London Escorts

People who know me will vouch for my devotion to my wife and my kids. I am a happily married man who would be the first in line to say my success has been heavily influenced by my wife. But over the years her desire to be "sexy" has diminished to the point where we have sex only a few times a year. Being the caring, loving, understanding woman that she is I am allowed to "cheat" on her during my business trips to London so long as I don’t bring anything icky home on my penis and nothing ever makes it into the tabloids. So I have to be extra cautious about when and where I stick Willy into the confines of a busty London escort.

To keep myself and my family safe I frequent to keep abreast on the thriving London escort industry. This site gives me helpful tips on booking an escort in London. And in particular, it gives me leads on busty babes. After all, why cheat if she isn’t a trade up?

But as they say, it isn’t cheating when your Busty London escort is this lovely. It is just realizing your dreams!

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VIP Incall Escort Services In Kuala Lumpur

VIP Kuala Lumpur escorts

The Klang Valley in Kuala Lumpur has a good number of escort services available to foreign travelers. But only one of them has VIP incall escort services that upstage all others. The Oriental Beauty Spa is the premiere escort service in KL. Read the testimonials of men who were looking for a good quality escort in Kuala Lumpur and went with this VIP service. It will quickly become evident to you that O.B.S. will do anything to make sure your incall or outcall service is nothing less than spectacular and satisfactory to your impeccable standards.

Do yourself a favor and save +6017 656 2822 into your phone and use it the next time you are in need of a Kuala Lumpur escort. Go online to to search their gallery of available girls. Choose one that peeks your interest and reserve her now.

One hour with an escort babe from O.B.S. and you will feel like a true VIP!

Redheads Vienna

Hot and Busty Redhead Escort Scarllet

Scarlette Vienna Vogue

Vienna is a large city in the heart of Europe. As such it has been the capital for doing business since the middle ages. Being a large city you can feel lost and alone even when in the company of hundreds of locals. To help you navigate the city and feel as if you are the most important inhabitant Scarllet from Vienna Vogue is offering her services. Most people don’t think about all of the "other" things escorts can do for you besides what goes on behind closed doors.

Scarllet is a full service escort fluent in three languages. She has performed many seemingly odd requests for her clients. Everything from acting as a translator to being a super hot, super sexy escort tour guide is within her wheelhouse.

No matter what your needs are don’t hesitate to call and ask if they can be met. When there is a will there is a way and the girls at the Vogue agency are always willing to go that extra mile to please their clients.

Find dozens more girls at

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Hot And Sexy Talk From Beautiful Escorts In London


Have you ever wondered what the escorts working in London are thinking about? Well, you don’t have to wonder anymore because of them is spilling the beans about her days (and nights) as a sexy London escort.

Her name is Jennifer and she has been working as a London callgirl for more than a few years. During that time she has managed to rack up some pretty hot and spicy stories about the encounters she has been on. Some are more sexually charged than others. Of course she has to talk in innuendos because she is still working!

Tune in to read the stories of a London escort and make sure you bookmark her site for more exciting stories. Along with the naughtiness she promises to release a lot of helpful information she has gathered over the years that she promises will help both the novice and the seasoned customers have more fun with their encounters.

Brunette London

Get Done By A Hot Brunette Babe In London

brunette escorts in London

It is odd how blondes can be so ditsy. Yes, there are a few of them like Madonna who have a head on their shoulders, but there are so many others who seem so confused I find myself wondering how they get through life. Brunettes on the other hand seem smarter. I love the super smart nerdy ones who just happen to be hotties. They are so fun to spend the evening with in London. Particularly because they use their smarts to turn their escort services into so much more than an hourly rate sort of thing!

One brunette escort that I make it a point to book whenever I am in London or the surrounding area is named Jessie. She has perfect boobs, a perfect ass and a very pretty face. But for me it is her mind that really turns me on. Jessie and I hit the museums and we usually take in a play or two if I have her for more than one day. She has an exceptional memory so it is like having a girlfriend you see whenever you are in town.

Book a brunette escort for an hour or an entire night. Just make sure you don’t get between me and my Jessie!


Istanbul Escorts Make You Feel At Home Half Way Around The World

istanbul escorts

A short business trip to Turkey is perfect for sampling exotic escorts from the local population. Everything changes, however, on longer business trips where you begin to long for home. The Angels of Turkey escort agency offers you a solution in the form of companionship and the total girlfriend experience at competitive rates with top model escorts. Their new Crazy Pussy Cats service blends the comforts of home with the erotic fantasies of the Middle East. You know… the place where the Karma Sutra was born!

Experience sensual love making with their outcall only service. All of the women are babe material. The kind of girls you used to masturbate to while checking out your uncle’s Playboys. Now you can bed one of these beautiful women for as long as you need!

Spend a safe evening in the arms of a goddess. The Istanbul escorts from are ready to prove why they should be your first, your only and your last thought when it comes to companionship in Turkey!

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Have The Kinkiest Time Of Your Live At Heathrow


Just because layovers are not supposed to be fun doesn’t mean you can’t spice them up a little with a hot blonde escort from E London Buzz Escorts. They have girls available in all parts of the city including the Heathrow airport. Imagine the view from across the table as this little hot body hottie flashes you her bare slit and her outrageous tits. London’s Heathrow escorts are known to be some of the kinkiest in the business!

You can find all of the escorts in Heathrow and make a reservation with one of them on Having a smoking hot girl waiting for you at the gate will turn your long flight into an energy charged state of anticipation. Having all of the other men look at you and wink that knowing wink is about as good as it gets. Especially during a time in your life that is supposed to be boring and dreaded!

Stop dreading your layovers and start making them the best part of the trip with Lon Babes!

Blonde London

Make London Business Trips Successful With The Services Of A Hot Blonde Escort


It really doesn’t matter how well you do on your presentation. Ultimately what is going to speak to your perspective clients the most is how successful you appear to be. Nothing states this better than having a hot blonde escort on your arm during the business dinner later at night. Your counterparts will know you are a man of action. Not reaction. Take the bull by the horns with Helen from

Helen has an infectious smile, firm bosoms, a youthful appearance and an intellect that is unsurpassed by anyone. She can handle the toughest questions that come up in conversation for you. She knows how to tactfully shoot down bad topics and bring up new ones that are engaging enough to impress those around her. Helen is like a Swiss Army knife of making a situation better.

Later on at your hotel room she can give you a sensual massage that will melt all of your stress away. You will wake up the next morning feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the day. Using sexy blonde London escorts is just another way for you to have a leg up on the competition!

Blonde Vienna Wien

Lovely Wien Escort Olesia Is Ready To Entertain


It doesn’t matter if your idea of entertainment is to stay at the hotel or have a night out on the town, Olesia from Wien escort service is ready for you. Her long blonde hair, athletic build and sexy long legs will make your mouth water the minute you lay your eyes on her. Olesia is originally from Russia and she loves to party with American men. Should you find yourself in Vienna, Austria you will definitely have to look her up. Make sure to save these digits into your phone: 0043 66 44 74 74 87

Passion Escort is well known for their exclusive selection of top models. They bring in women from all over Europe, South America, Asian, the Middle East and Australia to make sure you have a wide selection to choose from and lots of exotic girls as well. You could book four girls from four continents and feel like you are on a world wide exploration of lust!