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Petite Istanbul Escort With Perky Boobs

Girls come in all shapes and indeed all sizes. It’s what guys like ourselves find so attractive about them. Some men prefer large girls, some like  the more petite babe. I know when I’m looking for Istanbul escorts I always go out of my way to find the most slim, slender, perky little stunner that I can and from the looks of it Elanora is the next girl that I’m going to have some fun with.

When elegance and beauty collide it’s like everything just falls into place and nothing at all can change it. That’s how I felt when I spent my first hour with this petite escort. Not only did she make me feel comfortable, she also made it feel like she actually cared about my day. I didn’t want the conversation to be all about myself so she was only too happy to share a few things about herself.

After our lovely and very filling dinner we decided to keep things going and we ended up back in my hotel room. Things were only going to get better and I had a strong feeling that the escort Bayan that I had booked for the next night was going to be cancelled, as this night was one that could go on for days!